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Price: 19,20 24,20 GBP (50 ml) on Amazon

*A product that treats hemorrhoids
*Sold in Europe and the USA

(Free delivery in the United Kingdom)

Discreet packaging: the shipped packages are discreet, there are no inscriptions related to a hemorrhoid treatment. You can order without worrying, even choose to have it delivered at work.

This premium product guarantees to treat your hemorrhoids disease without having to resort to other treatments or surgery. Soon, HemoTreat H will be available in 25 ml kits with an applicator for internal use and also as a suppository.


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The safety of your health is our primary concern!

Clinical study guaranteed

Product warranty is given by the 97% of the patients who contributed to the clinical study and the 50 years of experience.

The price, your last worry

A single recipient is the answer to all types of hemorrhoids, even in advanced stages when bleeding is present.

Extra Warranty!

The product is congruent with European rules of design, production and marketing of medical devices for anal use.