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What do you need to do to prevent hemorrhoids from appearing?


Diet, physical activity, hygiene and education.


When a lesion appears, an efficient treatment can resolve the problem, but if you are not careful, a new lesion may appear at any moment! HemoTreat H has the same effect! It treats hemorrhoids with a 97% success rate, but you are the only one who can stop their recurrence.

What do you have to do after using the ointment to get rid of hemorrhoids?

Only 3 things help HemoTreat H maintain long lasting effects: diet, physical activity and hygiene.


The main cause for the apparition and the aggravation of hemorrhoids is a diet poor in fibres, constipation, frequent diarrhoea and obesity.

Eliminating these problems is the first step towards avoiding irritated tissues and swollen blood vessels in the anal area.

Physical activity

There is a strong correlation between hemorrhoids and a sedentary lifestyle, extended periods sitting in a chair and lifting weights that are too heavy for your physical fitness.

Even if you are prone to living a lifestyle with an abundance of these negative factors, you should try to balance with a moderate activity during your free time.


Of course, hygiene is essential especially during the course of the treatment. Discomfort in the anal region is oftentimes the first sign of hemorrhoids. Reduce the risk of worsening the condition with a proper hygiene and a preventive application of the HemoTreat H ointment.

You need to know that hemorrhoids can reach advanced stages (even bleeding) without ever causing any pain.

Combine all 3 factors: diet, physical activity and hygiene with the HemoTreat H ointment and the result will be permanent.

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